Andy Warhol – Icon of Pop Art

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Andy Warhol – a talented eccentric and an icon of Pop Art
During his lifetime Andy Warhol  enjoyed great popularity. The graphic designer and artist Andy Warhol united art and way of life in a fascinating way. In the visual memory of many persons are present the multiples of the colorful celebrity portraits, the Prints of Marilyn Monroe for example. Andy Warhol was born on August 6, 1928 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Ondrej and Julia Warhola’s parents were originally from a small Miková now Slovak town in the Carpathians. There was not only the talent and creativity of the young Andy Warhol. His drawing talent was recognized by some of his teachers and developed. The essential factors of his success were his industry, the art of self-promotion and his extraordinary business acumen. Today is Andy Warhol’s most famous artistic greatness of Pop Art

His life’s goal – to become rich and famous
Difficult start and quick rise of Andy Warhol -. In 1936 he was diagnosed with a type of arthritis and a skin disorder. In essence, the unified sense of purpose and economy of his father and the Musische his mother. With his success, he is a personification of the “American Dream”. From a modest background, he learned in 1937 in the free art classes at the Carnegie Museum for the first time about the life of the rich. Besides the film, Andy Warhol also interested in modern dance and ballet as well as for new media. In 1947 he moved to New York and was there with his artistic talent and eccentric manner quickly the star of the scene. From 1945 to 1949, studied commercial art at Carnegie Andy Warhol Institute of Technology. In 1952 he was awarded the accolade of the advertising industry, the Art Directors Club Medal “for his success as a commercial artist.

Everyday objects are moving into the art
The commercial artist Andy Warhol was, however, benefit from greater prestige of an artist. His idiosyncratic externality changes the homosexual as a trendsetter artificial hair and sunglasses. His breakthrough as an artist brought Andy Warhol, an exhibition of the 32 Campbell’s Soup Cans. He stylized everyday objects into works of art (hint of a gallery owner). His Schaffensort was the Factory in New York. On a factory floor met colorful and weird people in the underground scene. Andy Warhol used the suggestions of this group for its work. Andy Warhol died on 22 February 1987 in New York.

His work – impressive creativity and presence
The Pop Art – The early works of Andy Warhol (1960) is one of a series of large-format black-and-white images. Andy Warhol’s central theme pictures here advertising, publicity and their environment. In the mid-1950s created the pop art This is actually an art that deals with the representation of everyday objects and consumption. Pop art is a revolutionary counterpoint to the established art direction. As a pioneer of this concept is Marcel Duchamp. In contrast to the emotional art is Pop art cool, direct, mechanically and are expressed in bold colors.

Warhol’s drawings and prints polarize
In 1963, a silk-screen works of the “Electrical Chair”. The effect of these images remain dismally despite the bright colors. Whether the representation is purely descriptive or is already critical of society will be discussed in the art world still. The extensive work is not the sole result of the Master, he delegated too much work to authorized assistants.

The Blotted-line process
Another characteristic rhetoric of Warhol-pictures is the “blotted-line technique. Under “Blotted Line” refers to a certain technique. The line drawings are combined with a simple printing technique (offset printing). The result is the typical Warhol-dotted, dashed lines. This gives the Andy Warhol print a certain delicacy. In some works, the line drawings are provided with water colors. Some drawings were made on gold paper. A familiar example is the “Gold Book”, the Marilyn Monroe on golden background shows. This work was sold to the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Multiplication – but not equality
Other famous Warhol-theme is that Coca Cola bottles and soup cans of Campbell. The items of mass consumption beyond Warhol in art. Memorable are the Andy Warhol’s images with the many dollars. The works of Andy Warhol often deal with American consumerism and capitalism. He is aware of an excellent commercial artist of the visual and psychological effect of his “neutral” images. The Mona Lisa is found in the works of Andy Warhol back in thirty copies and different color variations. With his most celebrated works next to Andy Warhol’s flowers is probably one of the Warhol print of Mao.

Andy Warhol – also still relevant today
In 1962 went to the obsessed eccentrics from numerous celebrities and self-portraits of ideas. Andy Warhol wanted to be only filmmaker and author. But in this genre, he reached not the same celebrity. He was friends with well-known and famous personalities such as the writer Truman Capote and the rock star Mick Jagger. The idea for the red mouth with his tongue sticking out on the record cover of the Rolling Stones is from Andy Warhol. Focal points of his comprehensive work, including paintings and prints. Andy Warhol is the leading artists of the Pop Art, he has shaped the modern understanding of art in the Western world, vital. His perfect self-promotion makes him a role model for the media stars of today. Andy Warhol used the latest technology to express his ideas. He breaks into his art with conventions and rules.

Andy Warhol posters, prints and rugs
In the spirit of Andy Warhol’s idea of the reproducibility of Arts, the world today are many of his designs as posters, prints and even reproduced as rugs.

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